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Do You Need to Replace Your Old Plumbing Pipes?

Depending on how old your home is, you may need to replace your old pipes. Pipes are made of several different types of materials. The most common materials used for supply lines are copper, brass, and galvanized steel. For drain lines, cast iron and PVC are regularly used. 

Depending on the age of the pipes, they may need to be replaced. Plumbing supply stores will usually have information on the warranty length vs. life span. To help you understand when and why you need to change your pipes, the plumbing experts at Wade Roberts Plumbing have put together this list for you. Read on to learn more about when you need to change your pipes. 


Why Old Pipes Wear Out

One reason old pipes wear out is simple: age. Most metallic pipes will last eighty to one-hundred years or so. Plastic PVC lasts about half that time, depending on the conditions of the soil. Metals are sturdy but moisture and bacteria from the soils can cause the surfaces of the pipes to rust or crack over time, allowing hungry tree roots to gain access to a constant, fresh supply of nutritious food and water.


How Old Pipes Wear Out

In addition to normal wear and tear, there are any other number of reasons pipes may wear out or break over time. The makeup of the soil can accelerate the aging process, with moist clay soils damaging the metals by causing them to rust and disintegrate. Freezing pipes can burst at any time as the contents of the pipe freeze and then as they thaw with no room around them, they expand and burst the pipe open.

Other common causes of worn-out or damaged pipes are tree roots and pests. Animals that like to burrow and live underground like moles and rabbits can do significant damage over time.


Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Pipes

First of all, determine what materials your pipes are made of. If the pipes are past the general lifespan for that specific metal, call out a plumber to check the lines. Plumbing services often have cameras that can go deep inside a pipe to check whether or not it has cracked or deteriorated. 

There are many signs to look out for that indicate that your pipes need attention:


Slow draining 

If your sinks or bathtubs are draining very slowly despite not having any clogs, you may have some pipe damage. Using de-clogging chemicals with sulfuric acid can damage some iron pipes so use this sparingly.


Sewage smells

If you happen to get a whiff of what smells like raw sewage - and you will certainly know what it is when you smell it - you may have a crack or leak in the sewer line that is causing sewer gas to back up into your home. Call a plumber right away if you smell sewage.

A patch of healthy grass near the house - this one sounds a little funny but if you’ve got sewage draining from your outtake pipe on the side of the house, one indication is a super healthy patch of grass growing right underneath it. 


Discoloration of water

Discoloration is a clear indicator of pipe corrosion.



If pipes are beginning to sprout leaks frequently and there does not seem to be an obvious cause, it may simply be that the pipes are aged and need to be replaced. If there are cracks that you can not see, bugs or rodents can force their way into different sections of your pipes and cause more cracks. If you experience more than one or two leaks in a year, or any strange infestations of roaches or mice, a plumber should take a look for any damage that might be hidden.


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