3 Things The Sound of Music Teaches Us About Plumbing

3 Things the Sound of Music Teaches Us About Plumbing for Seniors


The Sound of Music is much more than a heartwarming tale of love, courage and the power of song. This wondrous story also teaches us valuable lessons about family, loyalty and plumbing for seniors.

Plumbing for seniors? Yes, plumbing for seniors. If you look beyond all that frolicking in the mountains, you’ll find a wealth of plumbing tips and tricks that make seniors’ live safer and more comfortable.

Don’t believe it? Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).


 Check Those Qualifications

Rolfe was an excellent messenger boy. Punctual and efficient, and hair perfectly coiffed no matter how fast he was pedaling his bicycle. And after leaping around the gazebo for nearly 2 minutes, it seemed he could do no wrong.

But then, in the dim cemetery, Rolfe blew the whistle on the von Trapp family. Sorry Liesl, looks like you’ll be escaping over the mountains without your boyfriend.

There’s nothing worse than someone trying to be something they’re not. This includes the Rolfes of the world of course, but also plumbers. For seniors looking to bring a plumbing contractor into their home, it’s important to check qualifications and credentials before the job gets started (or before you sneak out to perform a duet about age difference).

So, ask questions. Ask a lot of questions. If the plumbing company is legitimate, they’ll have no problem providing you with the answers (plus references and testimonials). Are they highly skilled journeyman plumbers and apprentices? Are they bonded? Better Business Bureau accredited? Do they offer a warranty? Do they invest in the extra time, training, certification and equipment necessary to protect your home and family?

Doing your homework ahead of time will ensure only the highest-quality repairs and service, and will save you from shelling out for costly repairs you don’t even need.


Endless Hot Water is a Good Thing

Pre-Maria, the von Trapp kids probably spent 99% of their time playing dominos in the parlour and reading about stain removal. They were a tidy bunch—not your typical rough and tumble kids.

But then Maria waltzed into their lives, and all of a sudden they were hanging out in trees and falling in lakes. Seven kids who just discovered the joy of dirt? Bring on the hot water.

Even today, without a zillion siblings and a 1940s-era hot water heater, many people have problems running out of hot water. This is especially an issue with seniors who are taking extended showers with care workers. It may seem like a good idea to turn up the heater to extend the hot water, but that’s a dangerous action that can increase the chances of scalds and burns.

The solution? A tankless water heater. This huge technological achievement not only saves space, but also provides hot water on demand. The von Trapps would approve.


It’s Okay to Make Clothes from Curtains

Remember that time your governess hacked up your old curtains and transformed them into perfectly tailored playclothes? Of course you don’t. You have better things to do than roam about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes.

But that’s not the point, anyway. This is about ingenuity, and realizing that you don’t have to go out and spend a gazillion dollars on a whole new wardrobe (or a whole new bathroom) to be comfortable and live your life.

When it comes to making your bathroom more senior-friendly, there are tons of safety and accessibility upgrades that work with what’s already in place. Grab bars, skidproof surfaces, lever faucets, nightlights and shower seats are just a few affordable, key additions that will greatly reduce the number of falls and other accidents.

And when your plumber is done with the upgrades, you can make matching playsuits from your shower curtain and skip around the neighbourhood together. What could be better than that?Helping seniors maintain their independence is one of our favourite things (we like it more than whiskers on kittens, which is saying a lot). If you’re in the Victoria area and ever need a hand with your plumbing, please feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to help you or an elderly loved one.

I’m sure all this talk about The Sound of Music has got your mind buzzing.  Are there any other lessons (plumbing or otherwise) that you think we can take away from The Sound of Music?  Just share your thoughts in the comments below.