Simon & Garfunkel Should've Sung About Plumbing for Seniors

What Simon and Garfunkel Would Sound Like if They Sang About Plumbing for Seniors

What Simon and Garfunkel Would Sound Like if They Sang About Plumbing for Seniors

Simon and Garfunkel are famous for a lot of things, including harmonies that make grown men weep, that movie starring Dustin Hoffman, and universal themes of love, life and humanity.

But one thing they never sang about? Plumbing for seniors. And they should have, because it’s an issue that affects everyone at one point or another.

Sadly, Paul Simon has dashed all hopes of a Plumbing for Seniors album. He said he’ll never record with Art Garfunkel again because he doesn’t want to “go back and visit the past.” Sigh.

So, we’ve taken matters into our own hands.


Original lyric: Like a bridge over troubled water / I will lay me down

What it should have been: Like an anti-scald device over troubled water / Keep that temperature down

Anti-scald devices are an inexpensive and easy-to-install solution to this common problem. They’re temperature-activated flow reducers, which is a fancy way of saying that they turn off the water if the temperature gets too hot. This automatic function greatly reduces the chances of severe burns—no scalded hands, no scalding showers.

You can have a plumber install these gadgets onto your faucets and showerheads. And if you want to take them a step further, you can even have a plumber install an anti-scald mixing valve on the water heater itself. This limits the hot water to a desirable selectable temperature while keeping the water inside the tank hot enough to kill bacteria.

anti-scald device


Original lyric: Hello darkness my old friend / I’ve come to talk with you again

What it should have been: Goodbye darkness you’re not my friend / I hope to never walk with you again

As we age, bathrooms become high-risk areas for falls. This is especially true if the lighting is poor! Slippery floors, sharp corners and darkness are a dangerous combination.

Motion sensor lights turn on and off automatically, making them an invaluable upgrade for power outages and midnight trips to the bathroom. Many brands are battery operated, rechargeable and can be easily installed where you need them most. And because they’re only on when you need them, they’ll help cut down on your energy bill.


Original lyric: Slow down, you move too fast / You got to make the morning last

What it should have been: Slow down, the water’s too fast / You got to make your plumbing last

While high water pressure doesn’t always spell instant danger, it is a major cause of leaks and pipe damage (not to mention a higher water bill!). It can cause your plumbing system to break down before it’s time, or even worse, cause your water supply piping to rupture. Leaks lead to slips and falls, as well as major property damage.

Your water pressure should be 50 to 75 psi. If you think it’s beyond that, or just don’t know, give us a call and we can test it for you and install a pressure regulator if necessary.

high water pressure plumbing


Original lyric: Are you going to Scarborough Fair? / Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

What they should have sang: Are you going to retrofit your bathroom? / Safety, comfort and peace of mind

Many seniors wish to “age in place.” That is, they want to remain at home, living independently, for as long as possible. But in order to make that happen, certain changes need to be made. Our homes are not always designed to address the accessibility issues that come with growing older!

One of the first places you should start is the bathroom. Bathrooms, in particular, pose safety issues and are one of the most common places for falls.

Things like raised toilets, walk-in bathtubs, zero-entry showers, grab bars and automatic lighting are just a few of the ways you can make your bathroom a significantly safer space.

The Wade Roberts team is experienced in all aspects of accessible bathrooms and can advise you on the best solution for your individual situation. Contact us in Victoria BC to learn how we can help you or your elderly loved ones!