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Emergency Preparedness Products

total_prepare_logo_colorHelping you stay safe in your home is one of our top priorities. If you don't have emergency kits for eathquake preparedness and other hazardous situations, you can purchase them from our friends at Total Prepare, a local Victoria, BC company.

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Products that we believe in

Sure, you can go to Home Depot and pick up a toilet that "appears" to be the same as the one you found at a wholesaler in town, for a cheaper price. But the truth is, it's not the same toilet. Not the same innards at all. Trust me, I've installed both, and we used the QUALITY products in our home. Also, if you order your products through us, you receive a warranty that you won't get shopping at Home Depot. So check out these links, and choose Quality. When you see them perform, you'll never be sorry you did.

Delta is my #1 faucet

American Standard is my #1 toilet

Biosmart 24 hour plumber – Drain Maintenance liquid

Navien Tankless water heater

Marathon Rheem Lifetime warranty water heater

Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filters