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Gas Fittings

If It Runs On Gas, We Got You Covered

Wade Roberts Plumbing offers extensive gas fitting services for a large variety of systems and appliances. We operate in Victoria, BC and up the coast of Vancouver Island. See our Service Areas for a comprehensive list of where we perform Gas Fitting Services, and Contact Us for a quote today!

Our Gas Fitting Services

Our team of licenced, bonded and insured gasfitters provide professional, quality services for Natural Gas and Propane Systems and Appliances, including:

Installation - If you're changing heating systems, we will install and ensure that your entire heating system works as it's supposed to.

Retrofitting - Looking to upgrade but not ready to let go of your current gas or propane system? We will retrofit your heating system with the technology that just wasn't around when it was installed.

Alteration - Everyone's needs change. We offer alteration of gas heating systems and appliances to suit your needs to the best of our ability.

Renewal - Just because your gas or propane system/appliance is old, doesn't mean it doesn't still have life in it! We don't want to push an entire new heating system on you if it's not necessary, so our residential and commercial plumbers are trained to extend the life of your gas and propane-run products to the best of our abilities.

Serviceable Products For Gas Fitting

We offer our professional services, outlined above, on most gas-based systems and appliances, including gas/propane boilers, ranges, furnaces, dryers, barbeques, heating systems, appliances, and gas fitting components. Not sure if we cover what you need? Call us now at 778-734-1119! We're open 24/7 in case of emergencies.


Licensed Contractors - Exclusive Guarantee

Quality and safety are our top priority.  Wade Roberts is fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured gas contractors with the British Columbia Safety Authority.  All of our work is backed by Our Guarantee.


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