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Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you. Amazing service.  Professionalism,  Creative solutions and nice guys.

Carolyn was genuinely concerned and caring about our plumbing predicament and so ensured we were helped asap...

And Brian truly saved the day by coming that very afternoon, at the end of HIS busy day! 🙂

We recommend Wade Roberts Plumbing to anyone who wants efficient, professional, and friendly service. Ten out of ten! 🙂


Wade himself previously, and new hire Brian Wilson after him, have given excellent service. They are courteous, prompt and reliable and  always clear about costs. They make an effort to assess the whole plumbing status of your house in a manner that serves prevention not profit.

They conduct their service with commitment and real professional pride, leaving the  client feeling cared for - with the particular problem solved, in the context of a general ´check-up’, promising longitudinal care of the sort your personal health would get from the best of family doctors.


Recently used Wade Roberts for a plumbing repair (flush valve replacement on a toilet). Brian did an excellent job and went beyond my expectations by checking the other 2 toilets in my house plus dishwasher hose and washer hose without asking...stating it’s part of the service! I was very impressed with the proactive approach and will highly recommend his services to friends/family!

Rhonda ,