Wade is a licensed and bonded, ticketed Journeyman Plumber, with over 12 years in business and 21 years in the industry. Wade’s focus is on eliminating issues, minimizing the risk of future problems, and protecting your hard-earned assets from the ravages of waste and water damage. He is also a certified BCSA Gas Contractor, a BCWWA Backflow Prevention tester, and the CEO of Wade Roberts Plumbing.

Wade was born and raised in Prince George and after travelling the world for a year and a half, decided to settle in Victoria.  He enjoys helping people and finding solutions, so the plumbing trade gives him the opportunity to do both.  He is also passionate about training other plumbers to work with a spirit of excellence.

Wade is happily married to his business partner and best friend, Vangel and is the proud father of three wonderful children.  He spends most of his free time wrestling with Rylan, and having tea parties with Ellyanne and Cassidy.  The wild side of Wade enjoys riding waves, flying down a mountain on two boards, or whacking a ball across a sea of green.  Wade embraces a strong persoanl faith that guides every area of his life. He is committed to personal growth and tapping into the wealth of wisdom that is in every person he meets.  He believes in the power of community over independence, knowing that when we work together we are able to achieve success in every area of our lives and are mobilized to give to others who are unable to provide for themselves.